O4FV rally 2015 huge crowds

Conservative Rally in Portland Draws Over 1,500

by NW Spotlight

Over 1,500 people attended yesterday’s Freedom Rally for conservative values at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland. The rally, put on by the Oregon Liberty Alliance, was to support family values, life, public safety, fiscal responsibility and religious liberty.

Rally participants got to hear keynote speaker Col. Oliver North, Michael Reagan, National Right to Life Committee President Carol Tobias and Oregon Republican Congressman Greg Walden.
This was the second annual Freedom Rally – the first was last year and was attended by over 750 people at the Monarch Hotel in Clackamas. Last year’s rally was reported on by Harry Esteve at The Oregonian.

As for a possible third annual Freedom Rally next year, Jeff Mapes wrote “Saturday’s rally at the Oregon Convention Center had the air of an event that might become a regular part of the state’s political calendar.”

The Oregon Liberty Alliance (OLA) is an Oregon coalition of conservative organizations – many who have been working together for years – who formalized their coalition last year. The member organizations are the Oregon Family Council, Oregon Right to Life, Common Sense for Oregon PAC, Parents Education Association, Taxpayer Defense Project, Oregon Anti-Crime Alliance PAC and the Oregon Women’s League.


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